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10 facts that sex is good for your health

You at all do not represent, how much useful sex is! It positively influences our health even outside of a bedroom and ads huge impact to our life, read the ten facts and never withhold yourself from sex!

sex is good for health

The good mood – a sure sign of that your immune system is in a good status. And good sex – pledge of that your health will be in a good status, after all sexual activity influences many aspects of health.

1. Sex – means less stress

After employment by sex the blood pressure decreases and the resistance to stress raises, to such conclusions researchers from Scotland have come. They created for examinees (24 women and 22 men) stressful situations then observed how the blood pressure changed. It has appeared that those who was engaged in usual sex, transferred stress is easier, than those who showed sexual activity differently or abstained.

«Sex is a fine medicine for stress, combining pleasant emotions and physical activity»

2. Sex raises immunity

Scientists from university of the State of Pennsylvania, have found out communication between employment by sex and increase in quantity of antibodies which are called as antibodies. These antibodies play our organism very important role. They resist to a number of infectious diseases. Scientists investigated samples of a saliva of 112 students and have found out that at those who had sex 1-2 times a week, level of antibodies was above, then at those who abstained, had sex seldom or on the contrary, is too frequent (three and more times a week).

3. Sex burns calories

Employment by sex are physical exercises. Thirty minutes of sex burn about 85 calories. To you can seem that it is not enough, but 42 half-hour employment by love will burn 3570 calories. It is enough of it to lose 0,5 kg of weight.

Having sex, you subject an organism to aerobic loading – it is improbable, but the fact: already at the moment of a prelude your heart starts to fight twice faster, than usually, reaching 120 blows in a minute – the training level recommended by instructors in fitness to women of 35 years. Further – it is more! By the time of an orgasm pulse reaches 180 rate – as much as possible admissible frequency for 40-year-old sportswomen. For those who is younger, it too is a lot of!

4. Sex reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases

People of old age often are afraid that efforts during employment by love can provoke a stroke. But according to English scientists, sex do not bear such danger, and frequency of sexual contacts is not connected with risk of occurrence of a stroke. On the contrary, men whom two or more times a week have sex, risk to “earn” heart attack in 2 times less, than those who has sex less often, than once a month.

5. Sex raises a self-esteem

Self-estimation increase – one of 237 reasons why people have sex. Such reasons are systematized by scientists from University of Texas and publish in Archive of Sexual behavior.

6. Sex strengthens family relations

Employment by sex and an orgasm raise in blood level which is responsible for feeling of trust and attachment. Scientists from University of Pittsburg and University of Northern Carolina investigated 59 women before sexual contact to the husbands and partners. It has appeared that, the is more often they made love, the above level. Oxytocin raises feeling of trust, means, the increase in its concentration in blood will lead to formation of stronger family relations.

7. Sex lowers a painful threshold

Stimulates development of special substances – endorphins which lower a painful threshold. If the person with a headache has sex, the pain can decrease or disappear. It will occur because of allocation oxytocin.

8. Sex reduces chances of prostate cancer

Frequent ejaculation at 20 age can lower risk of development of a prostate cancer at more mature age, to such conclusion the Australian scientists have come, having compared sexual life of the men who were ill with a cancer and healthy men. Men at whom at 20 summer age was 5 and more ejaculation in a week, with the years on third were ill a less often.

9. Sex strengthens basin muscles

Everyone should know that for women Kegel exercises are often recommend because they allow to achieve big pleasure during sex act, it is better to supervise process and to avoid urine incontinence in an old age. When we have sex, involuntarily we train the same muscles which work at these exercises.

10. Sex impacts dreams

Oxytocin which is allocated at an orgasm, promotes a good dream. And, as it is known, the healthy dream normalizes arterial pressure and favorably influences a metabolism.

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